Raspberry Pi to Run Car Connectivity Solution

Leading developer of software solutions for the automotive industry, Abalta Technologies has announced that its new Weblink car connectivity solution is running on the Raspberry Pi computing board, an ultra-affordable computer, making infotainment affordable for this masses. This computing board has a 750 MHz processor, 256 megabytes of RAM, a USB and HDMI port, as well as an SD memory card. Using the Raspberry Pi to run Weblink will show car manufacturers how to have a safe in-car smartphone app experience. By integrating this technology, automakers can reduce costs, which will appeal to those who manufacture middle-tier and economy vehicles. "We are excited to show auto makers how simple it is to integrate Weblink into in-vehicle infotainment systems. Porting the software to the Raspberry Pi platform demonstrates the elegance of the Weblink approach of brining smartphone applications to the car at a very low cost to the car makers," said Pavel Stankoulov, chief software architect at Abalt Technologies in a statement. The Weblink transforms a smartphone to operate as the main computing device in connected cars. With manufacturers struggling to meet the demands of consumers for vehicle apps, the Raspberry Pi offers an inexpensive alternative. It's a $25 computer the size of a credit card that can run Linux and other operating systems. It also offers ease of integration of apps to the car, allowing HTML5 or other applications open on the smartphone to be viewed and controlled from the vehicle display.
Source: Albalta Technologies