Re-Occupy Spare Tire: Toyota Issues Recall for the 1 Percent

By Matthew Askari | December 02, 2011
We're all for safety here at, and many recalls are extremely serious. And then there are others: Toyota is issuing a recall on spare tires on its seven and eight passenger 2011-12 Toyota Sienna minivans. The weight the tire can support is mislabeled, and understandably, Toyota isn't taking any chances. While the great majority, say, 99 percent of people never actually pay attention to how much weight their tires can support—a spare even less so—there are those people who would overburden their spare tire while using their minivan as a U-Haul for steel transport. For those people we'll call the one percent, Toyota is issuing a recall. According to, "Toyota has not yet provided a remedy plan," but apparently a placard will be mailed with a revised manual for the up to 210,000 minivans affected. You can find out more on Safecar's website. Source:

ugly. but what do you expect from a jap car. go back home!