Re-Unpimp Ze Auto: Mercedes-Benz Builds Ali G’s DJ Van

By Blake Z. Rong | January 09, 2012
Big up Yaself! Mercedes-Benz’s “Project-X” party van could only appeal to the sort of people who thought Ali G’s “Indahouse” was a documentary. The object in question above once started life as a Vito 122CDI Sport-X Dualiner diesel, a name whose badge stretches across both rear doors, before Pioneer Electronics breathed life into it. $38,000 worth of Crutchfield catalogs later, we have this: An electric-blue, Pioneer-badged, Brabus-wheeled party van with enough bass to make that whole fracking thing look like a bad case of the runs. Inside, there is a whole host of equipment that matter to car audio people, namely, dual 15-inch competition class SPL and four 10-inch Champion Series subwoofers, two Pioneer turntables and a mixer—two turntables and a microphone, as Beck once sang. Eight amps and a 300-amp power supply help push the setup to a staggering 30,050 watts, or enough to give your town’s local ordinance board aneurysms. Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t leave much room inside, for, say, cargo. But being a custom van, we imagine Hall and Oates sounds amazing inside it.
“Project-X not only sounds awesome, but it looks amazing too!” said an easily-excited Steve Bridge, the Van Sales Director for Mercedes-Benz of England. The sheer power from this van, both from the engine and the sound system, is epic and needs to be seen to be believed. We’re keen to get the vehicle out…and look forward to seeing the public’s reaction to such a breath-taking machine.”Booyakasha, indeed. Source: Mercedes-Benz