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Reality vs. Fiction: Toyota Unveils Me.We Concept in Paris

By Matthew Askari | April 24, 2013
With its newest concept, the Toyota Me.We, is a symbol of minimalism in a world of excess. Toyota has just unveiled the concept in Paris, and says the inspiration for the vehicle came from a desire to move away from the motor industry tradition. This is an alternative to cars about "passion and status," says the Japanese automaker; Inherently this is ironic, as Toyota markets several cars with refined interiors and luxurious materials, and as far as excess is concerned, Toyota is voraciously adding to the automotive excess, every day. But perhaps there's more here.
Toyota is also the producer of the popular Prius family, and has taken efficient hybrid technology further than any other automaker. And, perhaps we should applaud Toyota for producing a concept that adapts to "the environmental challenges that will shape the future of personal mobility." So, what is the Me.We? First, the name is to remind people of the "me," or concern for personal well-being, but also that of others, or the "we."
Designed in partnership with French architect, inventor, and designer Jean-Marie Massaud, the Toyota Me.We is an electric mini-car, built using sustainable, environmentally friendly materials. The Me.We is structure is made using aluminum, and framed by polypropylene molded panels that can be swapped out for other colors, and various purposes. And there are some clever features, such as four individual in-wheel electric motors, allowing you to drive in two or four-wheel configuration without the additional weight of a traditional all-wheel-drive system. Inside there's one instrument screen to display basic information, and the windshield can be folded down to create more of an open-air experience.
In theory, there's a lot we like here. And then there's the reality of the world we live in now: one of crash tests, safety regulations, and other gargantuan, heavy vehicles on the road. But we appreciate the essence and message of the concept, even if it won't become a reality any time soon. Source: Toyota

Well the Prius technology has been constantly improving over the years (I check up on it occasionally at While the Prius C seemed to be a nice step in the minimalist direction, this concept takes it even further. I wonder what the price point would be for such a small vehicle?