Recall Alert: 2013 Ford Escape May Have Leaky Fuel Line; Owners Advised To Park Vehicle

By Keith Buglewicz | July 19, 2012
The 2013 Ford Escape has just gone on sale, but is already the target of its second recall. The first Escape recall concerned carpet that was a little too thick, but this one is much more serious, affecting every 2013 Ford Escape with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine sold so far. At issue is an under-hood fuel line that could split open and leak fuel into the engine compartment. If the raw fuel were to touch a hot enough surface, it could ignite, resulting in an engine fire. While no fires or injuries have been reported, Ford is voluntarily recalling all of the approximately 11,500 affected vehicles to fix the problem. Note that Escape models with the 2.0-liter or 2.5-liter four-cylinder engines are not affected. However, Ford is going an extra step with this recall, and actually advising owners of the affected Escape models not to drive their vehicles. Instead, they will be contacted by their Ford dealer, which will deliver a loaner vehicle and then transport the Escape to the dealership, where it will stay until it is repaired. Furthermore, Ford dealers will stop driving their own vehicles until they are repaired, and no demonstration or test drives will be conducted with the 2013 Ford Escape with the 1.6-liter engine.
Ford says that the affected part is easy to reach, and that repairs to the Escape should take about an hour. All vehicles should be repaired within two weeks, as long as owners cooperate, and replacement parts remain plentiful. If you own one of the affected 2013 Ford Escape crossovers, or just want more information, you can contact Ford at its owner website, or by calling Ford's Customer Relationship Center at (866) 436-7332.