Recall Alert: Jaguar Calls Back 4,195 XFs Over Faulty Fuel Tank Flanges

By Trevor Dorchies | November 08, 2012
Jaguar has announced it will be recalling 4,195 XF models assembled for the 2010 through 2012 model year. The problem at hand is cracked fuel tank outlet flanges, which if fractured, will leak gasoline everywhere. If the fuel gets near the ignition source, the XF can catch fire. Models equipped with Jag's 5.0-liter V-8 gasoline engine are affected by this recall. So far, Jaguar has received 17 warranty claims from around the globe and three field reports, all pointing to faulty fuel outlet flanges.  According to these reports, owners could smell fuel, see the flanges had cracked, and fuel had been spilled on the ground. The check engine light would also be illuminated and after further review, the engine codes pointed to faulty fuel tank outlet flanges. The NHTSA has yet to receive a report of an injury or fatality because of this issue. To remedy this situation, Jaguar will contact owners who are in possession of a troubled vehicle and replace the affected fuel tank fuel outlet flanges free of charge. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that this recall should officially go into effect on Dec. 7 but concerned owners can contact Jaguar directly at (800) 452-4827. You can also call the NHTSA and reference campaign ID number 12V521000. This isn't the first time the XF has experienced fuel system issues either. The 2010 Jaguar XF has had a total of six recalls, three of which pertain to the fuel system. The first two being the fuel tank outlet flanges fracturing and the other was a recall from 2009 that called the fuel transfer pipe into question. If you or someone you know owns a 2010 through 2012 model year Jaguar XF, it would be wise to have the dealer check into these other issues if it hasn't been addressed already. Source: NHTSA