Recalls Galore: Kia, Lincoln, And Maybe Scott Walker

By Blake Z. Rong | June 05, 2012
Today you may be hearing some news about a kerfuffle in the Badger State. Some people are mad at Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, and some people aren't, and in true democratic American fashion they're voting on it as we speak. We won't sum it up for you—basically every media outlet in the country, and possibly some bored overseas ones, will do a tidier job of that than us—but we mention it in the form of a tenuous connection between two other recalls, both of which do it justice in the form of having the word "recall" in the headline. First up is Kia, which is taking back 72,568 Rio compacts from the model years 2006 to 2008. Built from February 20th, 2005, through December 9th, 2007, these Rios have a front passenger airbag sensor that could crack under fatigue and the weight of too many Wisconsin cheese curds. If it goes, the airbag system won't be able to detect a child in the passenger seat, increasing the risk of injury to the child if the airbag deploys at full force. Kia will begin replacing the sensors free of charge starting in July; owners can give Kia's Consumer Assistance Center a call at (800) 333-4542. Next is Lincoln, which is recalling 128 MKT and Town Car vehicles, built in 2012 and equipped for fleet duty. On Limousine or Hearse packaged models, the rear brake rotors are attached with bolts that weren't installed properly and could come apart, leading to wheel separation. Owners were contacted back in May, and they will have to bring their cars back to the original coach builder for repairs. Further questions can be directed to Ford's Customer Relationship Center at (866) 436-7332. Lastly, owners of a Scott Walker will find out whether their recall has been fulfilled by the end of the day. Those with further questions can write to their local representative. Source: NHTSA

Way to jinx the Walker recall, Rong...