Red Bull Racing Celebrates Championships with Donuts on a Helipad

By | November 01, 2013
The Infiniti Red Bull Racing team will be celebrating for days to come. The team has just scored both the Drivers' and Constructors' World Championship titles, and what better way than to take a Formula 1 race car up to the Burj Al Arab Helipad. Celebrities looking to celebrate a big win seem to flock to this location, including golfer Tiger Woods and tennis stars Andre Agassi and Roger Federer. Red Bull Racing decided to up the celebratory stakes by dropping the Red Bull Racing Show Car on the iconic 78-foot-wide helipad. David Coulthard got behind the wheel to take to the car for a spin around the helipad--many, many spins. "That was a lot of fun. When Red Bull first suggested the idea to me I said 'why not?' I like getting involved with anything that pushes the boundaries and it's what Red Bull stands for. I think this will produce fantastic, iconic shots in an amazing town and I'm really privileged to be part of it," said Coulthard in a recent statement.
Along with claiming the Drivers' and Constructors' World Championships for the fourth year in a row, Infiniti Red Bull also celebrated Sebastian Vettel for achieving is fourth Formula 1 World Championship. He is now the youngest driver to win the world championship four times. Check out the video below to see David Coulthard do donuts around the Burj Al Arab Helipad overlooking Dubai. Source: Infiniti