Renault Kangoo get 'D'oh!'

By Automotive Staff | February 20, 2008
Have The Simpsons, the animated family that represents the heart and soul of Americana, been sold out to the French? Mais oui! Yes, of course! They are now starring in advertisements for the family friendly Renault Kangoo van. Yes, it is called the Kangoo. It is not a typo. While the Kangoo is not sold in the United States, any “freedom fry” loving American should be able to appreciate a design that so favors function over form. Its compact dimensions and twin sliding doors enhance parking ability and ease of access. To my eyes, this vehicle would make a perfect competitor for the recently released Ford Transit Van. Motivation for the cartoon-like van comes from either a 1.5 liter turbodiesel that returns nearly 60 mpg or a 105hp 1.6 liter gas powered version. Nowhere in any of the literature I found did it list anything about 0-60 times or skidpad readings. Isn’t that odd? The diesel version probably suits the character of the vehicle better as those types of engines have a great deal of torque and don’t need to be worked as hard to maintain steady progress. But let’s be honest; I am sure this thing doesn’t really do that much “accelerating,” it just manages to “make progress.”
So can we blame The Simpsons for wanting to be associated with this unique looking French vehicle in an era of chilly relations between our two great nations? Of course not! Like Ned Flanders, the goody-goody neighbor on the long running program once said, “It sure is great to flan-diddly-forgive and forget.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. via guest blogger Jim Hamel