Renault leads as possible Supplier of future Saturn Cars

By Automotive Staff | August 04, 2009
Ready for a Saturn built in France? Well, that's CarVersation's take on Penske Automotive's takeover over the once former General Motors brand. Per CarVersation: Recently, Samsung of Korea came out as one of the finalists, but France’s Renault is said to be the likely winner. Renault, which has a controlling stake in Nissan, has a wide-range of competitve vehicles in the EU and has wanted to re-establish a foothold in North America. Penske’s been drawn to its wide menu of small and fuel-efficient vehicles, something sorely lacking from US carmakers. Our take? We'd love to see the models ultimately chosen to be the new Saturns. Let's just hope Renault has learned its mistakes from the last time it sold cars here in the U.S.