Renault-Nissan goes to Motherland for growth, alliance

By Automotive Staff | February 21, 2008
The Renault-Nissan partnership is supposedly looking for an American partner. The alliance held talks with General Motors in 2006 but things were not worked out.Oops. While everyone was observing the saga of the Detroit Three, Renault-Nissan has been creeping up and staying under the radar. Today, 2008, the alliance is in a stronger position and, according to the Auto Blogs, it is the world’s sixth largest automotive grouping. And that may change as it is trying to acquire a 25 percent blocking minority stake in automaker OAO AvtoVaz of Russia. If accomplished, the alliance will be ranked third in the world. It should be noted that OAO AvtoVaz sold about 700,000 vehicles last year.
Moreover, Renault-Nissan is currently in talks with Chrysler about cooperating on specific products. And people say that the talks could lead to more resourceful designs. Our take? Talk about going under the radar. But that shouldn't be surprising with all the talk about the Chinese and India automakers. As the saying goes, though, "may you live in interesting times."