Report: 2015 Toyota Camry to Get "Significant Attention" in Mid-Cycle Refresh

By Jacob Brown | November 25, 2013
The Toyota Camry is a sales Goliath for the Japanese automaker that produces it. Yet, with stronger-than-ever competition and safety regulations that are inhibiting Toyota's track record in crash testing, the automaker says it's going back to the drawing board to address some of the challenges it faces in with a mid-cycle refresh. Toyota vice president Bill Fay says that "There were some who wanted to write Camry off this year, and it didn’t happen," in an interview with Bloomberg at last week's Los Angeles Auto Show. "We’ll make some effort through the collective team to keep it No. 1 next year." The Toyota Camry currently leads the second-place Honda Accord by some 40,000 units in the sales race, but some of that could be a result of a heavy number of vehicles purchased for fleet duty. However, the Camry was recently taken off Consumer Reports' "Recommended" list because of its poor performance in the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety's narrow front offset crash test. As we discovered when we spoke with Toyota representatives in Japan, the automaker is quickly making strides to correct that, at least in the smaller, newer Corolla, which had the same "Poor" showing. The constant question of whether or not another midsize sedan will overtake the Camry has endured throughout the last decade-plus. In our comparison of the five best-selling midsize cars, the Camry fared a respectable third. Still, with a superb Honda Accord out there and a refreshed Hyundai Sonata looming, it's only a matter of time before customers take notice and start looking a little harder at the competition. Source: Bloomberg