Report: BMW Agrees to $3M Fine for Delaying Safety Recalls

By Jason Davis | February 13, 2012
German automaker BMW has agreed to pay a $3 million fine for delaying reports of safety defects and recalls to the US government. According to federal regulations, manufacturers are required to report known defects within five days. In an examination of 16 recalls provided by BMW North America in 2010, the NHTSA found evidence that the automaker failed to report safety defects within federal regulation standards. David Strickland, an administrator with the NHTSA, said that "the agency expects all manufacturers to address automotive safety issues "quickly and in a forthright manner." With the settlement, BMW formally announced it will make internal changes to better comply with federal regulations.'s take: Safety is ALWAYS a priority, but a $3 million fine? That's a nice chunk of money to you and I, but it's chump change to most manufacturers. We're not saying BMW doesn't take safety seriously, but this just seems like a "smile and nod" kind of gesture. For your sake and ours, we hope BMW took this more seriously than it appears. Source: Houston Chronicle