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Report: Ford to Add Track Apps for 2013 Mustang?

By Jason Davis | October 06, 2011
NASCAR fans and quarter-mile junkies can rejoice. According to, the 2013 Mustang will receive a 4.2-inch LCD screen that includes racetrack apps and digital gauges. Among the features available, according to a Ford dealership training poster, are transmission, water, and cylinder head temperatures, air/ fuel ratios, and quarter-mile times, among other functions sure to appeal to enthusiasts. When asked if the rumors were true, the reply from a Ford spokesperson was as  boilerplate as it gets: "We don't comment on future products, real or speculative."'s Take: Do we really need to monitor cylinder head temperatures and the air/fuel ratios on our Mustang GTs while cruising to the grocery store? How many gear heads will be testing their quarter-mile times on the freeway? Then again, Dodge has offered similar functions—minus the temperature monitoring—on its SRT models for a few years now, so Ford must be feeling the pressure to keep up with the Joneses. Source:, Ford
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wow new innovation.. :)


You have to keep in mind that when you are on the track a lot of that stuff is very handy, especially the coolant temps, not so much on the street. As for the Air/fuel ratio, the mustang has had wideband O2 sensors since 2011, being able to see the AFR at a glance on a factory gauge is a huge win for anyone that modifies their Mustang. Before this feature you needed to drop cash on a gauge (hundreds of dollars) of some sort or go to a dyno each time you needed to check your AFR.