Report: OnStar FMV Added to Many Newer Vehicles; $99.99 for a Limited Time

By Trevor Dorchies | May 02, 2012
OnStar, the subscription-based communications branch of General Motors, is now available to over 100,000 vehicles on the road today. The FMV is an aftermarket mirror that can be added to any car, not just a GM model. According to statistics collected by OnStar, the biggest chunk of profit comes from consumers who have purchased a 2011 model year vehicle followed closely behind vehicles from the 2007 and 2012 model years, respectively. "We find this statistic to be very telling," said Terry Inch, OnStar vice president, Sales, Marketing and Business Development. "The majority of these newer vehicles have some form of built in navigation or telematics system, yet these drivers still see OnStar’s suite of safety and connectivity services as a must-have." Consumers who recently purchased a Toyota vehicle have accounted for 15.6 percent of OnStar FMV sales, with Ford following close behind with 12.3 percent of owners opting to add OnStar. A telling stat collected by OnStar shows that more than 30 percent of Ford owners who added OnStar after their purchase bought a vehicle that already included Ford Sync. For a limited time, OnStar is offering the FMV mirror for $99.99 with installation included. As for the actual communication service itself, that service will cost you an extra $299 a year on top of the $99 for installation and the mirror itself. That includes OnStar's highly-touted Automatic Crash Response along with turn-by-turn navigation and hands-free calling as well. The promotion goes from May 6 through June 16 and the OnStar FMV can be picked up at your local electronics retail outlet. Source: OnStar