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Reporter's Notebook: 2012 Detroit Auto Show

By Automotive Staff | January 06, 2012
We're here, live and on the scene at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Want to know what it's like to be on the floor at the most important auto show in the United States? Reporter's Notebook is our live-coverage of what's happening on the show floor. No, not vehicle debuts and new car intros. We have that here. This is the show behind the show. What we see, hear, taste, and sometimes smell from the show floor, and at the after-parties as well. Stay tuned, and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @MyAutomotive as well. Paragraphimage 9:45 AM Monday: Cutaway Explorer

There's something slightly disturbing about this. I mean, crash test dummies are a little creepy anyhow (imagine being in a dark warehouse full of them), but a whole naked family of them, airbags deployed, weirds me out just a little more. OK, the Explorer's safe, Ford. Quit scaring me! Paragraphimage

8:30 AM Monday: NSX

There is a brand-new Acura NSX under this cover. Can't show you the actual car until later this afternoon (but I've seen's awesome), but first impressions, just looking at the covered vehicle above, is that it's very, very low to the ground, and smaller than I thought it'd be.

-Keith Buglewicz Paragraphimage

8:15 AM Monday: First Honda Accord Built in the U.S.

I don't know what it says about us as a group, but during our quick walk around the floor this morning, we spent the most time looking at this. It's a 1982 Honda Accord sedan, just like the millions of others you've probably seen. But what makes it special is that it is the first Honda Accord built here in the United States. Literally...the VIN on it is 000001.

-Keith Buglewicz

8:45 AM Monday: 2013 Dodge Dart Officially Unveiled Paragraphimage

As seen on our Facebook page, the 2013 Dodge Dart made its official debut this morning. There were a bunch of Darts on display once the silk rag was pulled off and I caught this one "in the wild" dressed in white. Dodge was pretty gung ho about its latest compact car and with styling like that, color us impressed. The real question is, do you like it?

-Trevor Dorchies Paragraphimage 9:20 AM Monday: Chevrolet Tru 140S Concept

The future Chevrolet Cruze coupe? The youth crowd (40 years old and below) like coupe and coupe-like styling. Why doesn't General Motors, just focus on more models and variations of its already youthful Chevy Cruze, Sonic, and upcoming Spark models? Come back as we interview Jim Federico, Vehicle Line Executive, small & compact cars for Chevrolet, for the startling answer.

- Joel Arellano

11:05 AM Monday: A Crowd Gathers to See Volkswagen Unveil the E-Bugster Concept and Jetta Hybrid Paragraphimage

Volkswagen was the center of attention in the automotive world this morning as we waited to see the E-Bugster concept and Jetta hybrid in the flesh (figuratively of course). Members of the media positioned themselves where ever they could to catch a glimpse at two of Volkswagen's most popular models in an electrified state. This picture was taken 10 minutes before the unveil presentation started and this was only about a third of the people who were standing. The other two-thirds spilled over into the surrounding auto makers displays if they weren't one of the lucky few to land a seat.

-Trevor Dorchies

11:40 AM Monday: BMW 3 Series Debut was a Screen Paragraphimage

This is what happens when you don't get to a debut forty minutes early. Overhead screen shows Olympic athletes Apolo Ohno (speedskating), Janet Evans (swimming), and Bryan Clay (decatholon) waxing eloquent about how BMW is a part of their lives.

-Joel Arellano 12:06 AM Monday: Kia Soul Hampsters are in the House Yes, we thought, at first glance, the (in)famous Kia Soul hampsters were real, too. Here are their cutouts at one of the Kia booth's entrances. And yes, we did pause to see if they'd break pose and start dancing.

- Joel Arellano

1:50 PM Monday: Spotted!...Again. A Red Lexus LFA Makes Makes Its Presence Known. Paragraphimage

A bright and shiny red Lexus LFA stands alone on display. I have a strong inclination this is the same one we spotted at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. Either way, you can never have too much LFA. Even with the unveil of the Lexus LF-LC, the LFA is the king of the Lexus hill in the court of public opinion...for the time being anyway.

-Trevor Dorchies Paragraphimage

2:30 PM Monday: A Supreme Performance at the Detroit Auto Show There would be no Detroit without the Supremes, right?

---Joel Arellano Paragraphimage

4:45 PM Monday: Ice To See You

Somebody at Honda put perfectly good orchids in blocks of ice. Either that, or Mr. Freeze is loitering around the show. Either way, what someone has against orchids is anybody's guess.

-Keith Buglewicz

5:15 PM Monday: USB Swag Accrued Throughout the Day Paragraphimage

It's almost like a game auto makers play with each other. Who can come up with the coolest, most unique USB drive containing all things pictures and information. The general consensus was that the Mopar USB drive was the most unique. The Dodge Dart won the days most obvious.

-Trevor Dorchies


8:00 AM Tuesday: Is Anyone Home? Paragraphimage

It's the start of Day 2 here at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and a much thinner crowd occupies the media room this morning. While the second day of the Detroit show is known to be more relaxed a few auto makers capitalize on it. Honda, Buick, and Maserati are using today as their personal spring board to launch the new Accord, Encore, and Kubang to name a few.

-Trevor Dorchies

10:10 AM Tuesday: Sonic BOOM! Paragraphimage

Chevrolet's compact car, the Sonic, looks fast even when it's at a stand still. Or was it fellow Associate Editor Jason Davis' iPhone's perspective? Whatever, same difference.

-Trevor Dorchies

11:15 AM Tuesday: Honda Unveils its Latest Creation-"The Civiccord". Paragraphimage

Honda pulled the sheet off its latest Accord "concept" and was received with a "luke-warm" applause. That's saying it nicely too. When Jason and I first saw it we thought it was odd looking. After further review we decided although it was rather bulbus, it was just the right amount of Civic and Accord merged into one vehicle. Then we remembered Honda is selling the vehicle pictured above as an Accord. Weird.

-Trevor Dorchies

11:30 AM Tuesday: Maserati's U.S. Operation Slowly Coming Into Focus Paragraphimage

The Maserati Kubang bowed for the first time in North America this morning. The hopeful Porsche Cayenne fighter will be assembled in Detroit at Chrysler's Jefferson North facility along side the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango. The Kubang will also be on the receiving end of a Ferrari engine, so no worries Maserati fans. Although an offroad vehicle with a Ferrari engine would be cool, no?

-Trevor Dorchies

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Chick Me Out

Nice, umm, airbags on the 2nd row crash dummy.


yeah that cut away of the car is still creeping me out to!