Reporter's Notebook: Paris Motor Show 2012

By Matthew Askari | September 27, 2012
We're live on the scene in Paris to bring you all the relevant debuts for our U.S. market, but here we want to give you a behind-the-scenes, reporter's log of the show. This is the stuff the others don't tell you about:


8:40am. Crowd Awaits Volkswagen Press Conference

Volkswagen unveiled the seventh generation of the Golf today, and this was easily the largest crowd.


8:55am. Volkswagen Translation in Eight Languages-- A Press Conference for All.


9:10am. Volkswagen Calls in the Dancers

The folks in Wolfsburg wanted to show us how cool and edgy the Golf is, so they brought in a contrived urban-chic dance troupe. For what it's worth, they had our full attention, and this was easily the least boring press conference.

9:45am. Eat Nature? Ever wondered what forests and mountains taste like? Try "Nature" chips, for about three bucks (due to journalist wages, we were unable to try these chips for you, but it might just mean "natural/plain").


10:50am. Fiat

Not that many people buy Fiats in the U.S., but a whole lot of journalists seem to congregate around the Fiat booth, time and again.

11:20am. Balance. If you want to survive the lack of sleep, time change, and jet-lag, caffeine must be your best friend. If you don't want to be carted out on a stretcher from the sauna/show floor, you need to drink a lot of water. Luckily, the automakers try to get us to look at their cars by having us stop for quick re-energizing breaks. It's all about balance.