Rinspeed Dock and Go Concept "Dream Car of Any Pizza Delivery Driver"

By Matthew Askari | December 08, 2011
Zurich based Rinspeed isn't interested in making cars for the one percent—. actually based on its previous concepts you'd think it was more interested in making cars for 0.0000001-percent. But we'd like to salute these innovators. Hailing from a country best known for Alpine skiing, neutrality, and famous watches, you'd think the alternative concept company would be more involved in producing a finely crafted exotic car, yet its latest concept is aspires for a different demographic: pizza delivery guys. The "Dock + Go" mobility concept, shown above, adds a third axle and additional flatbed storage that can connect to the Smart ForTwo for added utility. The Dock latches on and includes a heated bed feature, thereby meeting the aspirations of thousands of pizza delivery guys the world over. But wait, there's more! Dock and Go has an electric motor or battery pack that can be charged as the car is driven, and can act as a range-extender. The idea is being dubbed a "backpack on wheels," and will be on display at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show. Automotive.com's take: While this will likely share a similar no-go fate with the 1989 Plymouth Voyager III concept (pictured below), Rinspeed is applying its knowledge to practical concerns by extending electrically-powered car range, and adding extra storage space. We wouldn't be surprised if the idea came to fruition in some form or another in the years to come.