Road Test: 2012 Chevrolet Volt

By Automotive Staff | June 20, 2012
Get past the political rhetoric, cable-news barbs, and even eco-fantasies of the green-left, and the 2012 Chevrolet Volt is a car. Sometimes it runs on gasoline, other times it runs on electricity. But beyond that, the Chevy Volt is a four-door hatchback that seats four, offers a lot of features, and costs around $40,000 before you add incentives to the mix. Political agendas don't concern us very much here at Cars do though, and we wanted to see just how the Chevy Volt worked in the real world. After a week of commutes, grocery getting, and weekend excursions, we came to a simple conclusion: The Chevy Volt may not be for everybody, but if it fits your lifestyle, it's an impressive machine. During its week with us, the Chevy Volt rarely used its gasoline-powered "range extender" engine, and most of us discovered that if we were dutiful with plugging it in whenever we parked, we could run on electricity far more often than we thought. But that peace of mind that came with knowing there was a gasoline generator on board, just in case the batteries ran out of juice, made the Chevy Volt a compelling choice. In fact, the biggest drawback for news director Keith Buglewicz had nothing to do with the Volt's range, its price, or even politics. It only seats four people, one short of his family's needs.
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