Rolls-Royce Rolls Out Aviator Edition, Includes Aluminum Polished Cupholders Just Because

By Trevor Dorchies | August 17, 2012
What’s that you say? A "normal" Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe isn’t lavish enough for you? Don’t panic because you’re in luck. This morning, Rolls-Royce rolled out the Phantom Coupe Aviator Edition, an over-the-top limited edition model of the British luxury liner, at the Quail Lodge as part of a display at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Using the Phantom Coupe’s platform as a starting point, Rolls-Royce added another couple splashes of extravagance so you can once again stand out from your friend and his teal Ferrari 458 Italia. Throughout the special edition Phantom Coupe are a variety of upgrades and styling tweaks. Adding to the exclusivity of the Aviator Edition is that only 35 units will be made, including the one on display in Monterey. Outside, the Phantom Coupe Aviator Edition is doused in, as you may have guessed, aviator gray. Just for the sake of being different, Rolls decided to paint the hood in a matte gray color so it would contrast the rest of the body. Inside, because there obviously wasn’t enough leather on the inside of Rolls' popular coupe beforehand, the Aviator Edition adds another healthy dose. Worried that you might track in some sand from when you hit your golf ball into the bunker earlier? Never fear because the floor mats are made up of leather too.
Because Rolls-Royce is known for precision, a Thommen clock has been added onto the dashboard for good measure. The clock features a white-on-black face and the seconds hand has been dipped in "blood orange;" no word if any oranges were harmed in the process. The clock’s face matches the instrument cluster, which is covered in a matte black paint. The clock is one of several over-the-top features that include "the Rolls-Royce of cupholders" as the automaker proclaims of itself. Two polished aluminum cupholders await to hold your Dom Pérignon in one, and some Clicquot in the other. Underneath the aviator-gray metal is a transmission tunnel comprised of aluminum that includes horizontal metal fittings that line the sides. The same oil cooling system used on the Supermarine S6B, a racing plane used by the British, is used on this limited edition Rolls. So, now what? You’re interested in buying one? Well, Rolls-Royce hasn’t announced a price yet but you can rest assured that only 35 of the most James William Bottomtooth-like gentlemen will be lining up once it becomes available. How big is your bottom jaw? Source: Rolls-Royce