Rumor Mill: Could Ford CEO Alan Mulally Be Headed Off to Run Microsoft?

By Jacob Brown | September 30, 2013
No matter your opinion of Ford, its CEO, Alan Mulally is widely considered one of the best leaders in business today, industry notwithstanding. He's also a really nice guy. I can say that because he went out of his way to oblige to taking a photo with me. He definitely didn't have to, seeing as he was running on exactly no sleep whatsoever. So consider me a fan as well. And consider Microsoft perhaps a bigger fan. Running around the rumors of the business world, the tech giant wants to bring on the executive giant to run business. The 68-year-old Mulally's name is being floated around to potentially step up to its CEO position. Having turned around both Boeing and Ford, Mulally helped consult with Microsoft recently as it was undergoing its own structural changes.
According to Reuters, Ford has given Mulally the option of stepping down before his contract is set to expire, probably because he is, by far, the best-paid CEO in the industry, netting upwards of $20 million per year. Mulally's official comment is that "I continue to be focused on serving Ford … and I have my red Ford vest on right now!!" He's referring to a red sweater he owns with a little blue Ford logo on it. Word on the street is that Mulally hasn't been officially courted, but he could be soon. Mulally also keeps a home in Seattle, where he lived when he worked at Boeing, and he'd like to return there. Still, we wonder if this is just a wild rumor. Mulally is great at what he does. Few are better. But he's also 68. His career is going to start to wind down, and he's going to want to retire eventually. Might he hop on Microsoft's board when his contract with Ford expires in 2014? Of course. But is he going to run the show? While there's evidence to suggest it, we highly doubt it. Source: All Things Digital