Rumor Mill: Next Volkswagen Golf R More Powerful, Less Expensive

By Matthew Askari | April 12, 2013
The Frankfurt Auto Show is still months away, but we're already anticipating the debut of the next Volkswagen Golf R hot hatch. When we drove the 2012 Volkswagen Golf R, we were immediately taken in by the R's no nonsense approach: an excellent all-wheel-drive system that provides exceptional grip and makes for a confident driver; beautiful engine and exhaust notes; a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine good for 256 hp, connected to an exclusive six-speed manual transmission with a great shift feel. In short, we're fans. One editor may even have put this is on his Christmas wish list.
So we're curious to hear what the newest Golf R may look like. In a recent report from the UK's Auto Express, we're told the performance version of the Volkswagen Golf could boast an additional 20 hp, and could reach as high as 300 hp. The 2015 Volkswagen GTI will offer 220 hp, up from 200, and it's likely the Golf will see an output increase as well. Additionally, following the trend the 2015 Golf R will also be lighter, and could  be just as efficient even with the power boost. It's rumored that track fans will also be able to turn stability control off. Aesthetically the Golf R will favor quad exhaust pipes instead of the dual center mounted ones on the current model. And the best part? It's expected to cost a little less than the current model, as well. We'll be following closely for emerging details.
Source: Auto Express