Rumored: Mercedes-Benz Considering Magic Sky Tech For Rear-Side Windows?

By Matthew Askari | April 27, 2012
Our colleagues over at our sister company Motor Trend are reporting that Mercedes-Benz may adapt its Magic Sky technology to the rear-side windows of some of its models. The technology is currently in use on the sunroofs featured in the Mercedes-Benz SL and SLK models. At the touch of a button you can change the transparency, effectively dimming the cabin using state of the art tinting technology. The transparency is altered as a film of matrix polymer fitted between double-pane glass responds to an electrical charge. It's already in use on planes—Boeing's 787 Dreamliner currently employs something similar on its windows. While the Mercedes-Benz Magic Sky Control is already in use in the sunroofs of high-end models, adapting that technology to the windows in place of screens and curtains may be a ways off. It would have to be modified for windows that go up and down. Furthermore state laws vary drastically on tinted windows, and getting clearance in some places could be more of a hassle than the automaker is willing to take on. Source: Motor Trend