Rumored Toyota GT 86/Scion FR-S Convertible May Get Playstation-Compatible Blackbox

By Joel Arellano | June 01, 2012
Toyota continues to hold car enthusiasts' attention with its GT 86 in Europe and its American Scion FR-S twin. The Japanese automaker, whose normal vehicle portfolio of fuel-efficient vehicles has the car press yawning, strongly hinted earlier this month that it plans to add a convertible option to the sporty Toyota GT 86 coupe as well. Autocar writes that that Toyota plans to give the thumbs up/down on the GT/Scion FR-S convertible "soon." The European car enthusiast site also adds that Tetsuya Tada, project engineer for the Toyota GT 86/Scion FR-S, was able to convince Toyota's leadership to allow development of a "black box" for the GT 86 that'll not only record the sporty vehicle's performance info, but able owners to actually download the information into a Sony PS3 entertainment system. Apparently, support from Toyota's own president, CEO, and car enthusiast Akio Toyoda helped seal the deal. We wonder if Toyota's consider the full ramifications of such "black box" info especially in lawsuit-happy countries like the U.S.'s take: Car enthusiasts can check out footage of Mr. Tada detailing the Toyota GT86 in loving, well, detail. We recently reviewed the Scion FR-S and found it to be an agreeable vehicle as long as you were in the driver's seat, and on a winding road. A convertible version sounds perfect for us to work on our tans while blasting through the winding roads in the LA foothills, while the black box data is a perfect opportunity to show off our enthusiast driving skills, or lack thereof. Souce: Autocar