Rumormill: Sporty Honda EV-STER Concept Entering Production Next Year?

By Blake Z. Rong | December 16, 2011
The perpetual wheels of the rumormill keep churning, but this time they’re electric-powered. Honda executives recently told a German publication that the zippy little Honda EV-STER Concept, shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, is not only going to enter production, but could be built as early as next year. Speaking to Auto Motor und Sport, Honda CEO Takanobu Ito told reporters that the small, electric sports car would be available in plug-in EV form as well as with a gasoline engine, which at first glance seems to defeat the purpose. But as a spiritual successor to the S2000, the rear-wheel-drive EV-STER spearheads Honda’s return to sporty motoring, bookended on the other side by the NSX concept. Honda was mum on confirming anything, in regards to future products. But the words of the CEO usually lend to some credence, especially for a car as attention-grabbing as the EV-STER—and hey, that’s how the Bugatti Veyron got built.
Source: Car Advice

fugly. no wondre honda is going down the dump.