Russian Carmakers take on Fisker, Tesla with Marussia Electric Sports Car

By Automotive Staff | January 20, 2009
Remember the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union? Well, there’s no more Soviet Union and the space race has long since been won. But now Russia is emerging again as a player in the field of an electric supercar. Car pundits like it so much they’re warning Tesla and Fisker of the competition. Oh boy, another race. The electric supercar from Russia capturing attention is the Marussia. It is not Russia’s first supercar. That honor goes to the Lada Revolution 3 which was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show last year. But the Marussia is supposed to be way better and it is electric. The Marussia comes from the imagination of Nikolay Fomenko, sometime actor sometime racer. The construction of the car is somewhat unique. A tube frame chassis is covered by composite body panels. The way the car is manufactured -- called a modular structure -- means that it can be tweaked quickly and easily to change the look. The first version of the car will feature a Nissan VQ V6 which can generate from 240 to 300 horsepower and the all electric version will be coming in the middle of this year. It is said that the electric will cost $100,000 and will have a range of 248 miles on a single charge.
via Jalopnik