Saab Production Delayed Again: May Not Restart Until End of August

By Jason Davis | July 22, 2011
Due to the on-again, off-again battle with parts suppliers, Saab announced this week that production of its automotive line will not restart on August 9, as we reported several weeks ago. The Swedish automaker remains in discussion with its parts suppliers while working to obtain additional funding to begin production on the 11,000-vehicle backlog—among them, the svelte, new 9-4X crossover we featured earlier this month. "I am positive about the progress we made on the payment terms with our suppliers and it is good to see that we all want to make it work," said Gunnar Brunius, Vice President of Production and Purchasing.
"What we need now is a full commitment on supply of parts into our factory to be able to restart production and secure a stable manufacturing operation. We are now working hard with our suppliers to nail down these plans, commit to a delivery schedule and start building." Saab's Trollhättan plant has been inactive, for the most part, since April. Though much of the problem can be attributed to Saab's money woes, the company’s suppliers also cite insufficient lead time as a result of an industry-wide "summer shutdown." "Key suppliers were not to be able to supply us in time," Brunius said. "Saab Automobile hopes to restart production earliest in week 35 provided that it is able to commit to a delivery schedule with its suppliers."'s take: We're interested in exploring this "summer shutdown" idea for our own office but, in the meantime, we hope the issues can soon be resolved—for the sake of Saab and its fans. Source: Saab