Saab To Go German, Factory-Wise

By Automotive Staff | April 13, 2007
Just about every major car manufacturer is now producing vehicles in other countries besides their own. That's why we weren't fully surprised when Saab announced it will start producing vehicles in an Opel plant in Russelsheim, Germany next year. Obviously, Saab engineers will be involved in the engineering and design of the car which will be the next generation 9-5. (Pictured is the Aero-X concept.) Reports indicate the new sedan will most likely use GM's new Epsilon II platform. To say that Saab fanatics are not happy is an understatement, saying that if a Saab's not built in Sweden, it's not a Saab.
Our take? We bet that those of us who are not Saab fanatics but love the car for what it is won’t give a darn.