Allstate Unveils Safest Driving Cities in the United States

By | August 28, 2013
Earlier today Allstate Insurance Company released its results of the ninth annual "Allstate America's Best Drivers Report," which uses the frequency of car collisions to determine which American cities have the safest drivers. This year, the title belongs to Fort Collins, Colorado, marking the third time this city has earned the top spot. Car crash fatalities have risen drastically between 2011 and 2012 by more than 1,700 fatalities, making this the first year-to-year increase since 2005. According to the research conducted by Allstate, 70 percent of all vehicles involved in auto claims were considered drivable, indicating that accidents occurred at less than 35 mph. For the past nine years, Allstate has been raking the top 200 cities in the United States using company claims data to figure out which cities are less likely to experience a collision compared to the national average. Averaged two-year numbers determined the percentages for both the number of accidents and how many people are on the road in a given city. The top ten safest driving cities are listed below.
  • Fort Collins, Colorado: 28.2% less likely
  • Boise, Idaho: 28.0% less likely
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota: 21.8% less likely
  • Brownsville, Texas: 21.1% less likely
  • Madison, Wisconsin: 20.3% less likely
  • Reno, Nevada: 20.2% less likely
  • Huntsville, Alabama: 20.1% less likely
  • Visalia, California: 18.5% less likely
  • Montgomery, Alabama: 16.3% less likely
  • Eugene, Oregon: 16.2% less likely
Source: Allstate