Safety Groups Protest New Rules For U.S. Truckers

By Matthew Askari | March 09, 2012
A lawsuit was filed last week in protest of new U.S. trucking rules for long-haul drivers. According to a report, safety advocates filed the suit claiming the rules governing the number of hours truck drivers were allowed to be on the road don't go far enough. The groups include the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, Public Citizen, The Truck Safety Coalition, and a pair of truck drivers, who say the Hours of Service truckers can still drive put both the public and the drivers at risk. This past December the rule was changed from 82 hours per week, to a 70-hour maximum. There is also an 11 hour per day maximum, with a mandatory 30 minute rest after eight consecutive hours driving. Proponents of the lawsuit believe the new rules will still lead to tired drivers. Among the changes they would like to see include a reduction to a 10 hour driving limit per day, and an increased "restart" period. The restart is the time after a driver has worked the maximum hours in a week, that they must take off before resuming driving. Currently it is set to 34 hours, to allow for two nights rest, and proponents would like it changed to the original 48 hour period. Source:
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