Saturn to sell Korean-built Samsung Renault Cars?

By Automotive Staff | May 28, 2009
It has become quite clear that Roger Penske of Penske Automotive has his eyes on Saturn car dealerships.There is a real chance that he could actually acquire the brand: current owner General Motors wants to jettison it as the company struggles to restructure. So what does the famed auto racer intend to do with the dealerships if he gets them? Talk is that he intends to sell vehicles made by Renault Samsung. The cars will be imported into the U.S. from South Korea. Understandably, many do not like Penske’s intentions. If the plan is successful, more jobs in the U.S. will be lost as GM closes the Saturn plants. Meantime, money from the U.S. will be making its way to the corporate headquarters of Samsung in South Korea. Not a good situation for the U.S., especially with this darn recession going on.
Penske has hired former Chrysler co-president Tom LaSorda to serve as a consultant. via AutoWeek
Indra Kunwar
Indra Kunwar

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