Saying Goodbye to Cadillac STS, DTS Sedans

By Automotive Staff | May 17, 2011
If you’re a fan of the Cadillac STS mid-sized sedan or the full-sized DTS, you may want to get to your nearest dealership and snatch one up. Cadillac will be selling off the remaining STS and DTS models still left on its dealer lots. With an inventory of 3000 DTS models and less than 900 STS models, Ward’s says Cadillac intends to sell the last of its big sedans before the replacement for both cars, the XTS, arrives next year. Having already ended production of the six-year-old STS, Cadillac will build its final DTS model within the next three to four weeks. As we reported last year, Cadillac’s new purported flagship car, the XTS, will be built on a stretched form of GM’s front-wheel-drive Epsilon II platform. When speaking to Ward’s, Cadillac’s Global Marketing Director James R. Vurpillat said that the XTS will be built at GM’s Grand River plant in Lansing, Michigan — the same plant that currently builds the CTS and will ultimately wind up building the new ATS. Although no specific date was given for the XTS to begin production, Vurpillat did say the start date “won’t be this fall.” If the production model remains true to the concept, the XTS could receive an all-wheel-drive option, various V-6 powerplants, and potentially a plug-in hybrid driveline like that shown on the XTS Platinum concept. Eight-cylinder engine options have been rumored, but thus far, have not been confirmed.
Speaking of big cars, rumors of a Cadillac flagship sedan — something long the lines of the awesome Sixteen concept shown eons ago — continue to resurface from time to time. Is there any truth to the matter? Vurpillat tells Ward’s it could be a possibility, provided they cover their other bases first. “I’d like to have a car like the concept Sixteen, but our priority is to get the main segments covered,” Vurpillat said. “Then we can start thinking of cars in the S-Class and 7 Series range.” “ via Ward’s courtesy of Motor Trend Staff