Scosche Industries Creates Technology to Block Cell Phones While Driving [Video]

By Jacob Brown | January 23, 2012
Because you can’t always be in the car with your obnoxiously gabby teenager, Scosche Industries has come up with the next-best thing: its cellCONTROL safe driving system. Scosche’s cellCONTROL is a plug-in unit that a customer registers online. From there, customers download the Scosche Industries app for their phones and put the cellCONTROL cartridge into their OBD2 port located under the dashboard, which dealerships use to access information on the car's on-board computer. When the car senses motion the cellCONTROL unit will automatically shut off the phone’s ability to send and receive emails, text messages, web access, or smartphone apps. It will leave the phone with only the ability to stream music through a car’s Bluetooth audio system or talk on the hands-free system. Optional upgrades to the Scosche system will allow the system to read mileage, average speed, and enable the administrator to further refine what is and isn’t allowed to be used on a phone in the vehicle. The admin will also be able to enable the account for multiple phones.
Available now for the low, low price of $129.95, the cellCONTROL should deter drivers from making stupid, risky decisions from behind the wheel. We imagine it’ll be used mostly by parents of teenagers and fleet managers in newer cars equipped with built-in hands-free calling systems.'s take: This all sounds good, but here’s our question: What has Scosche done to keep a driver from unplugging the cellCONTROL from his or her OBD2 port and using his or her phone normally?

Source: Scosche Industries