Scottish Man Destroys Ferrari 612 Scaglietti With An Axe

By Blake Z. Rong | June 12, 2012
Because jokes about William Wallace and angry, bearded gingers in kilts never get old, a man in Scotland smashed the bloody 'ell out of a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti for seemingly no particular reason. The man had some opinions on the flaunting of personal wealth in a consumer-driven economy that allows wealth inequities to play out over a systemic global empire of modern-day nation-states, and chose to express them in the only manner he knew how: with an axe. He broke into a garage in Edinburgh where the Ferrari was getting a new water pump installed, and began smashing windows and body panels, and when that got old, he slashed the tires with a knife. So far, it's a random attack. The owner claims that he brought his Ferrari to a garage miles from home, and that he has no enemies to speak of. "It is bad enough that this has happened but the garage have been useless," said owner Rajinder Singh. "The whole thing is a bad joke. I gave the garage a car worth more than £200,000 and they give me back a car that is effectively written off. No one would have known it was my car. The police say they have ­investigated, got no leads and say there’s nothing else they can do. It’s ­horrendous.”
The security cameras got it all on film, but police are still working to catch the potential Marxist. The car, worth somewhere north of $250,000, isn't worth as much anymore now that its damage is estimated at $60,000. The Ferrari will probably be written off, and Singh will lose his dream car, thanks to an errant attack by a roid-raging madman. There's a Braveheart joke to be made somewhere, but right now we just kind of feel his pain. Source: Daily Record