Season of Giving: Chrysler Donating $100 per Vehicle Sold in Detroit During December

By Trevor Dorchies | December 06, 2012
December often tends to fly by as many are wrapped in finding a Christmas tree or scouting out presents for loved ones. As a result, the purpose behind the big day is sometimes forgotten. Christmas is a time to reflect and help those that are less fortunate so in the spirit of the holiday, two automakers are taking that ideal and running with it. First up is Chrysler, which has pledged to donate $100 per vehicle it manages to sell in the Detroit Metro area throughout December. All five brands are participating and with 42 dealerships which handle the group in or around the Motor City, Chrysler expects to make a sizable donation. Last year, Chrysler Group sold 5,203 vehicles in the Detroit Metro area and is currently riding a 32 consecutive month sales streak where numbers have been on the way up. That would've amounted to a $520,300 donation, all of which would go to the United Way. Currently, the United Way is running its annual community giving campaign and Fiat and Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne serves as the chair for the organization's Southern Michigan branch. The annual community giving campaign was launched back in September with a goal of raising $35 million. MINI is also doing its part this holiday season and has been tasked with taking the longest Christmas wish-list to the big guy himself. The MINI Goes to Santa Claus project set a Guinness World Records record as it accrued 75,954 wishes for Santa to grant. That turns out to be a wish-list around 125 feet long. MINI left its headquarters in Germany back on November 24 to set out on a 2,174 mile journey to the Arctic Circle to find Santa. During its trek north, MINI collected wishes from 16 countries including Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Russia, United States of America and Singapore. The list was finally delivered to the big guy himself today at the Santa Claus Post Office in Rovaniemi, Finland. No word if milk or cookies were provided to Mr. Kringle to get through the list, though. Source: Chrysler, MINI