Senate Urges States to Enforce Stricter Teen Driving Laws

By Matthew Askari | March 20, 2012
The U.S. Senate passed a proposal this past week urging states to enforce more stringent teen driving laws. The proposal calls for states to adopt a three-stage process: teens would first receive a learner's permit; a second stage would include an intermediate permit before receiving a driver's license; the teen would then be eligible for their license at the age of 18. The new rules also limit the amount of nighttime driving, and most cell phone use during the permit stages. States are not mandated to adopt the new rules, but the government is using federal transportation funding as an incentive, which it could also withhold. Currently, laws concerning teens vary from state to state, and teens in some states would feel the changes more than teens in others. The SafeRoads4Teens coalition said more than 5,000 people died in accidents involving teen drivers in 2010. The group indicated the variation in current laws across states left some teens more vulnerable than others. Source: Fox News