Tesla Model S Videos: Stuffing Kids in a Car and Finding Its Top Speed

By Jacob Brown | June 02, 2013
Why do we, as a society, benchmark everything with kindergartners? Believe me, we do. How many kindergartners can you take in a fight? That humorously exists. Maybe because we (usually) find kids charming and cute. So what happens when you pair a class of kids with a Tesla Model S? You get some of the most shameless pandering we've seen in a long time. But you know what? We don't mind because we like kids, and we're huge fans of the Tesla Model S. The class challenges Tesla founder Elon Musk's assertion that the Model S can only seat seven passengers. Of course, the devious children use guerrilla tactics, filling crevices you'd least expect, from the leg room used for the rear-facing third row seat to the "frunk," Tesla's term for the front trunk that's available because of the lack of an engine. Not that we'd let anyone sit in there while the car's actually driving, but the space is apparently large enough for more than a few kids.
So how many kindergartners did they manage to fit in the Model S? We're not going to spoil it for you, but we have a feeling this video may go on to inspire others to take this challenge to the extreme. Sit back, watch the video, and warm the cockles of your cold heart.

In addition, one enterprising Model S owner decided to see just how fast his electric sedan could go. Tesla has officially said the Model S Performance edition tops out at 130 mph. An owner found out that number is just a hair conservative. How conservative, you ask? Watch the video below.

Source: YouTube