Shields Up: Nissan Unveils Next-Generation Safety Technologies

By Zach Gale | October 12, 2011
Nissan's next generation safety technologies are all about fixing the mistakes of careless drivers. The Japanese automaker has released details on three key safety features it believes will help reduce the number serious accidents involving Nissan vehicles. Of course, application of the new Nissan tech could also mean increased base prices for vehicles like the Altima midsize sedan and Murano crossover. Here’s a look at the technologies covered by Nissan's "Safety Shield" concept. Acceleration Suppression for Pedal Misapplication This technology takes safeguarding against a disastrous Toyota-style unintended acceleration fiasco a step further. When a driver is in a car park or another confined area and accidentally presses on the accelerator too hard, image signal data from the car's four Around View Monitor cameras will determine whether there is an obstacle ahead and will automatically apply the brakes if deemed necessary. Combining the Around View Monitor and sonar systems, it sounds like this technology could put an end to incidents involving drivers accidentally driving through a storefront window. Nissan hopes to introduce this feature on showroom models within two years.
Multi-Sensing System with Rear Camera
Again using the Around View Monitor cameras, this technology can warn the driver he is about to backup into his wife. Other functions include a blind spot warning system that only works when the driver uses the turn signals and a lane departure warning system. Predictive Forward Collision Warning System This system is designed to prevent Nissans from becoming just another car in a multi-vehicle pileup. A sensor in the front of the vehicle analyzes the speed and gap between the two vehicles in front. When the system detects a need to slow down, it will warn the driver and tighten the seat belt, but not actually activate the seat belt. No word yet on how much these technologies will cost consumers, though it might be worth considering that safety systems such as Volvo's City Safety have been proven to reduce the risk of accidents. How much would you be willing to pay for any of Nissan's upcoming safety technologies? Tell us if you'd want any in the comments section below. Source: Nissan
Joel A
Joel A

As long as Nissan's doesn't try to install that alcohol sensor thingie, I'm happy