Shop Til You Drop: Ford's SYNC Alerts Drivers To Great Deals

By Blake Z. Rong | August 10, 2012
Are you the sort of person who has a civic duty to stop at garage sales? Do you have so much leisure time that you're always up for window shopping, from mall to mall and even in between? Are you the sort of impulse buyer who singlehandedly props up the gorilla-suited roadside sign waving industry? Well, you better drive Ford. Because Ford's SYNC now has ROXIMITY, an app that alerts drivers to nearby deals for pizza, movie tickets, oil changes, rhinoplasty, or cheap pharmaceuticals. Better get while the gettin's good. On smartphones, ROXIMITY works like a cross between Yelp and Groupon: when the savvy app user walks past a business establishment, the app picks up on any deals and alerts them to new life-changing plastic surgery experience or some potentially terrible pizza. SYNC has integrated this app into Applink, which allows hands-free usage and voice recognition that will hopefully dispel the difference between "hair salons" and "nail guns." ROXIMITY's difference is that it's personalized to the user's preferences for food, events, and hair products. Ford drivers with the app can push a button and ask about nearby deals in a multitude of categories. "Other deal services offer coupons for the entire metropolitan area or for things that are not relevant to you," said Danny Newman, the CEO and co-founder of ROXIMITY. "ROXIMITY is personalized and will provide you what you want, when you want it."
You can get ROXIMITY here, or through the iTunes App Store. You can get a SYNC-equipped car at your local Ford dealer. And in a stunning bout of irony, ROXIMITY doesn't have an option to alert you to any deals at Ford dealerships. Maybe work on that, Newman. Source: Ford