Silver Now Takes Bronze as White and Black Become World's Most Popular Car Colors

By Jacob Brown | December 09, 2012
Wherever you are, go outside and wait for a German luxury car to drive by. Chances are it'll be white, black, or silver—a literal metallic shade of gray. As reported by DuPont, one of the world's leading car paint companies, that trend works on a much grander scale as well. White and pearl white have taken over as the world's most popular paint choice, dominating for the second straight year after dethroning silver. But silver has been knocked down yet another rung as black has picked up its slack. Really, it's more that dignitaries in Asian and European markets just prefer black, and it's seen as an elegant color. Of all new cars sold today across the globe, 23 percent are white, 21 percent are black, and 18 percent are silver. These three include shades of each of their respective colors. And in terms of colors picking up popularity, red, gray, and brown/beige have each picked up a percentage point—now at 8, 6, and 6 percent, respectively. In the auto journalism community, brown is considered one of our favorite colors; at last week's Los Angeles Auto Show it was clear automakers were trying to cater to our whims. However, we've not yet received that brown, manual-transmission, rear-wheel-drive, 500-horsepower diesel station wagon we've asked for yet.
We anticipate that one will likely be available at next year's L.A. Auto Show. Anyhow, DuPont has thoughtfully provided graphs for regions around the world to show how our tastes in colors differ. What's your favorite color on a car? Let us know in the comments section below. Source: DuPont
Sandra major
Sandra major

theyare all silver because silver is the cheapest paint you can buy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!