Simon Cowell runs American Idol Contestants Egos with Bugatti Veyron

By Automotive Staff | February 03, 2009
What does that rat bastard Simon Cowell drive when he's not running over people's egos over in American Idol? How about Jeremy Piven (when he's not suffering mercury poisoning, that is)? And does The Hill's "star" Audrina Patridge have enough brain cells to even spell "drive" without getting into a fit? Well, the guys over at Jalopnik have these answers and more. Per the blog: So, without further ado, here's the best of what we found in an hour of searching. It's only 20, but it's a start. That's right, you heard us — a start. Now we need your help. If you're stuck inside tonight, we want to see what you're able to find. Wert said he'd help by hanging out in the comments below throughout the evening, so go ahead and have at it. Consider this like a "Bonus Question of the Day."