Slow News Day: Toyota FJ Cruiser Now Available In Grey

By Blake Z. Rong | September 13, 2012
The leaves are falling, the kids are back to school, and the automotive journalists are sitting at home in their underwear, scraping together the last bits of press releases and pounding away at their laptops before the flurry of activity that you call "winter" and we call "auto show season." How else would one explain Toyota's unbridled enthusiasm at the fact that the FJ Cruiser is now available in Cement Grey? Indeed the color of cement is somewhere between #000 and #FFF, if you're HTML-inclined, which is also known as gray. ("Grey" if you're a Brit, incidentally, a fact that caused me to fail an eighth grade project for spelling mistakes. USA! USA! USA!) Cement Grey is the color available on the new FJ Cruiser's Trail Teams Special Edition model, which replaces the outgoing shade of Radiant Red. The TTSE (which we're labeling it now) gets upgraded off-road hardware like Bilstein shocks, a locking rear differential, an entire chassis comprised of skid plates, and BF Goodrich 265/75R16 All-Terrain tires with wheel locks. Outside, it's the return of black-colored mirrors and door handles: once a look of unyielding cheapness, now it's returned with a tough-chic aesthetic. Some of the interior bits are also grey, matching the outside. The above FJ Cruiser pictured is, as you can tell, not grey. Why? Because the FJ Cruiser TTSE is so new, there aren't any photos of it yet—imagine a regular FJ Cruiser, typically in eye-searing yellow or bright blue, and desaturate it in the Photoshop of your mind. Otherwise, the rest of the FJ Cruiser, like the equally off-road-oriented 4Runner, carries over for the 2013 model year. BUT WAIT: "For 2013, the SR5 grade gets a switch-type control for the transfer case, replacing the lever."
So, there's that. Source: Toyota