Smart Commemorates 10-Year Relationship with Brabus, Releases Special Edition ForTwo

By Trevor Dorchies | July 24, 2012
What's more awesome than a Smart ForTwo? A Smart ForTwo that's been decked out by the high-performance aftermarket tuner Brabus, of course. Don't get too excited though because it's not likely to come over to America any time soon. While it has already been on-sale in Europe (and done very well as a matter of fact) over the past decade, the Brabus-tuned Smart ForTwo only sold 1,700 units when it became available stateside back in 2009. Globally, the special ForTwo has moved 50,000 units. However, if you can't live a minute longer without the Brabus Smart ForTwo, don't sweat it. There are 100 special-edition vehicles available, and each features the usual Brabus styling cues. The front grille and side-view mirrors are painted in a liquid silver, and the same goes for the front spoiler and side skirts. The headlights feature a titanium-colored housing, and Brabus slapped its red logo on both the front and rear of the special edition ForTwo. Inside, the commemorative ForTwo features a splash of red to accent the dark gray interior. Red stitching also runs through the dashboard trim, door panels, and bucket seats. A special edition logo has been stitched into the seats and a push-button starter is implanted with the shift knob. Every special edition model will also feature a serialized plate on the dashboard too.
Under the hood, the engine mirrors the one seen in the standard-issue ForTwo, but Brabus adds some extra oomph raising the pony total to 101 horsepower. The extra 30 hp added to the special edition ForTwo scoots the little roller skate from 0-62 mph in 8.9 seconds. The 1.3-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine is hooked to the usual five-speed automated manual transmission seen on the ForTwo here in America. While there isn't currently a Brabus version of the Smart ForTwo here in America, the tuner has said it wants to bring its infinitely-variable customization program stateside later this year. As per usual, stay tuned. Source: Daimler