Smart Electric ForTwo Postponed; World Waits on Edge

By Matthew Askari | December 19, 2011
If you were planning on Smarting around a little this summer, you may have to wait a little longer. The electric Smart ForTwo launch is being held back on account of a delay in battery cell production according to Automotive News Europe. If you're looking to get into the electric ForTwo, you'll have to wait ForThree, months it seems. At least that's the word from Smart's parent company, Daimler. A spokesperson for Daimler stressed "there are no technical or quality problems with the batteries, but we don't want to lower our sights in safeguarding quality. That's why we're accepting a delay." Really Smart has little choice, since an electric car without a battery is about as good as Lucky Charms sans the marshmallows. The Smart ForTwo electric will have serious competition in the EV market. Boasting few amenities, three fewer seats and a much weaker motor than the Nissan Leaf, it's also expected to be priced higher than the Nissan. The urban runabout previously sourced its battery from Tesla, and only managed a puny 27-hp. The new battery is a joint venture between Daimler and German supplier Evonic, and will be available in over 30 countries. Smart CEO Annette Winkler expects "five-figure production volume," besting the electric model's two previous generations. Source: Automotive News Europe (subscription required)