Smart Fortwos to get 500 Charging Stations across Berlin, Germany

By Automotive Staff | December 28, 2009
In a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler and German utility company RWE, 500 intelligent "charging stations” have been installed across Berlin. These new charging stations, according to Wired, will work together with a fleet of Smart ForTwos in a program called E-mobility Berlin. The program will allow drivers who use the stations to add the costs to an existing utility bill. This arrangement should prove to be very convenient to users especially fleet customers. Each of the charging stations will also give users the ability to monitor electric rates, battery status, and even interior temperatures using an iPhone or computer. Also, all 500 stations will be extra environmentally friendly by being powered by renewable energy sources. RWE claims that these charging stations are just the first step with more charging stations being planned to be installed in private homes, parking structures in business in other major cities by the end of 2010. Our take? While mall electric vehicles like the Smart ForTwo may work in European cities like Berlin, those of us in America will need something a little bigger and a lot more powerful.