Smart ForUs Truck Concept: Little Tikes Pickup Fighter?

By Matthew Askari | December 07, 2011
Details are hazy, but this is what we know, or rather what we think we know: Smart is planning to show us a flatbed pickup truck concept at the Detroit auto show next month. The automaker of pint-sized cars says of its Smart ForUs concept, "this is the right car for the young and young-at-heart with active lives who attach importance to low emissions." With little doubt, the Smart pickup concept will be a legitimate Little Tikes Pickup fighter, pictured below.
The nitty-gritty, we compare the Smart Urban Pickup vs. Little Tikes Pickup.
Passengers: Little Tikes can hold one passenger, Smart claims more can sit but really, good luck finding willing passengers. Drive: Smart powers its little guy with an electric motor, which will likely need daily and tedious charging, whereas Little Tikes says "simply sit inside the cab and use your own feet to propel the vehicle forwards and even in reverse." Translation— no charging! Utility: Little Tikes is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Smart is outdoor only. Design Features: LT features a "large flatbed with dropdown tailgate, rugged off-road wheels, steering wheel, and opening and closing door with fun decals. Some assembly required." The Smart is sans the fun decals, but it doesn't require assembly. Point for Smart! Cargo Capacity: LT says "The rear tailgate can be dropped down to reveal a storage area for toys and even another child!" An inside source tells us most Lego sets could probably fit as well, though we have our doubts about the Star Wars Millennium Falcon. Smart, in its press release, uses millimeters in cargo area descriptions because everything looks big when you use millimeters. Price: There is no official price for the Smart Urban Concept, but the 2012 Smart ForTwo will run you $12,490 plus delivery. Little Tikes will run you $114.99 plus tax. Decision: Based on its emission-free output, utility and practicality (indoor and outdoor use), and what will surely cost you far less allowance money, we think the Little Tikes Pickup takes the cake. We'll be following Smart closely in the coming months to follow the development of its urban pickup concept. Source: Smart,

Effin' hilarious.