Somebody Paid 54,000 Euros For This Mini Roadster

By Blake Z. Rong | May 21, 2012
Remember the Life Ball Mini Cooper S Roadster we showed you a little while back? Well, the charity auction's over, and the winning bid is in: €54,000. In America's Monopoly money fun bills, that's equivalent to $68,998. Well, at least it's for charity, which usually justifies these outlandish flights of fancy. The custom Mini Cooper S Roadster was designed by Franca Sozzani, chief editor of Italian VOGUE, for the 20th annual  Life Ball in Vienna. Decked out in matte finish that Mini calls "Deepest Purple," it has gold stripes and is decked out in pink, purple, and blue flowers on the stripes and on the seats. The wheels are two-tone black and gold, the oversized center speedometer is done in a brass-like finish, and Sozzani's signature is imprinted on the canvas top. "This is set to be a sporty, feminine summer," says Mini, paying penance for every monster truck rally that has ever happened. And when the hammer fell on the charity auction, some lucky individual helped the AIDS Solidarity Gala raise an extra €54,000, which will go towards AIDS organizations like the American foundation amfAR. Part Viennese festival, part awareness campaign, part fashion show—ok, mostly fashion show—the annual Life Ball is Europe's biggest AIDS fundraiser and does much to assuage the consciences of celebrities, models, and ex-presidents like Bill Clinton. And whoever drives off in this very special Mini can rest safely in knowing that the money went to a good cause. Tell that to the valet, at least. Source: Mini
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