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Sorry About That: Honda CEO Takes Personal Blame For Lackluster Civic

By Blake Z. Rong | November 30, 2011
How’s this for a mea culpa? From all the way up the corporate chain comes a statement from Honda CEO Takanobu Ito who states he's taking personal responsibility for the Consumer Reports' bashing on the 2012 Honda Civic. Does this mean we get to throw tomatoes at him at the next investor’s meeting? "The ultimate responsibility rests with me," said Ito. “We take inputs from the various markets with sincerity…and try to work out the best actions for what we have observed. Those decisions rest with me." The Civic was lambasted when it was introduced earlier this year, falling off CR's recommended vehicles list for the first time in 10 years. Sales have dropped accordingly, plunging 15 percent when the rest of the market rose by 10 percent. In response, Honda America's vice president John Mandel is speeding up development of the next Civic, due for 2013 instead of two years later. If Ito does what he says, he will be on hand to see the new Civic through production.'s take: It’s good to hear a CEO actually respond to his company’s products. Now, the real question is: what can he do about it? Source: Automotive News
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The Jer
The Jer

We can only hope Honda's CEO is sincere and brings the Civic back to its former glory.