Speed Camera Recording 32 Cars at Once to Hit U.S. by 2012 [Video]

By Jacob Brown | November 03, 2011
Whether you have radar love or fear The Man sticking you with a speeding ticket when you least expect it, U.S. roads may be changing when it comes to speed cameras. Debuting soon at a road near you, the next-generation speed camera, called the Cordon multi-target Photo Radar System, will be able to simultaneously measure eight cars across four lanes and be able to check their license plate numbers. Current speed cameras can only record one car at a time. Because the radar is about the size of a video projector—and because of its high-tech gadgetry—the Cordon speed camera can be mounted almost anywhere, whether it's overhead or on a construction crew's tripod at the side of the road. When drivers are going the speed limit, it displays the license plate number next to the car’s speed in green. As speeds approach the limit, they turn yellow, and as drivers go past the speed limit, that number turns red. The technology is expected to make it across the ocean to the U.S. by 2012. The only problem with it may be that it doesn’t focus on clearly displaying the face of the drivers behind the wheels of each car. Many courts do not accept speed camera information if they cannot clearly identify the person behind the wheel, and there has been no mention of how the camera would do that.
Although it looks like Big Brother 2.0 could be headed our way soon, there may be a way to stave him off a while longer through the legal battles that are almost sure to happen. We’ll be sure to check back with you as the technology is implemented here. Source: Consumerist, SemiconTV via YouTube