Spied! 2013 Honda Accord Interior. Brochure, that is

By Joel Arellano | August 29, 2012
The 2013 Honda Accord is one of the most hotly anticipated vehicles for 2012. It is one of Honda's top selling vehicles along with the Honda Civic, and one of the top selling vehicles, period, in the U.S. along with the Toyota Camry. Even car enthusiasts are scouring the roads, back alleys, and the Internet for signs of the Accord for at least another excuse to bash Honda for discontinuing the S2000 convertible.
Honda enthusiast site Temple of VTEC recently snagged a shot of the 2013 Accord's interior. More accurately, a scan of a brochure showing said interior. The brochure is actually more helpful than an actual interior shot since it labels the various parts and function. Our counterparts over at Automobile Magazine break down what's known about the 2013 Honda Accord so far. They discuss, for example, Honda's new i-MID display as well as the Accord's touchscreen system. We here at Automotive.com have covered both exterior and interior spyshots of the 2013 Honda Accord and its most recent official pics by Honda.
The 2013 Honda Accord just went into production earlier this month. Word on the street is the sedan is tentatively scheduled to go on sale as early as September.
Source: Temple of VTEC